Our Lakes Region EMS story:

The ambulance service started as three separate organizations.  Like many ambulance services throughout our nation, each of the three ambulance services was originally a small rual volunteer organization.  As call volume grew, volunteerism decreased and there became a need to advance the level of care they provided to their communities.  So the ambulance services began to consider how to meet these demands and still remain financially and clinically viable.

In 2000, the organizations began to consider a merger that would bring all three organizations into one countywide orgainzation, thus streamlining operations, administration and maximizing their ability to provide the highest levels of clinical care to the communities they served.  This merger became formal in 2001 as we became Lakes Region EMS.

From this strong foundation, an organization was created that through, not only its words but also by its actions, showed its commitment to premier patient care, was focused on the best customer expeirence, cared deeply about being an active part of the communities it served and knew that it had to be a good steward of its financial resources in order to accomplish its first three goals.  These principles have continued within the organization and were the foundation that created the Lakes Region EMS Four Pillars:  serving our customers with state-of-the-art patient care, outstanding customer service, dedication to the communities we serve, and financial health and respsonsibility.

Fast forward 14 years and Lakes Region EMS is now an organization that provides services in two states, over 1,000 square miles, from five bases of operations, with 10 ambulances and over 70 employees.  2014 brought many advances to our organization, including ground critical care services, high-fidelity simulation education, and a new facility that allows us to expand our organization in years to come.

Lakes Region EMS
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